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Goals, Tasks, and Data Collection Activities of the IMLS Future of Librarians in the Workforce Study
(Derived from a presentation by Dr. Jose Marie Griffiths, Principal Investigator, January 2005.)

Goals of the Study
Goal 1. Identify the nature of anticipated labor shortages in the LIS field that may result from retirement of current workers over the next decade
Goal 2. Assess the number and types of LIS jobs that will become available in the U.S. either because of retirement or new job creation through the year 2016
Goal 3. Determine the skills that will be required to fill such vacancies
Goal 4. Assess the current and potential capacity and capability of graduate LIS schools to meet the future demand for LIS professionals
Goal 5. Develop effective approaches to recruiting, educating and retaining workers to fill these positions
Goal 6. Update information about other information professionals performing functions identical or similar to those performed or projected to be performed by LIS professionals
Goal 7. Review the importance and value of libraries, particularly from the perspectives of funders, users and potential recruits into the LIS workforce
Goal 8. Develop recommendations for an ongoing data collection and workforce monitoring approach

Tasks of the Study
Task 1. Identify and Review Existing Literature and Data Sources
Task 2. Convene Advisory Group/Panels to Identify/Discuss Critical Issues
Task 3. Design and Conduct Additional Data Collection

Data Collection Activities: Year 1
Survey 1. A census/survey of libraries
Survey 2. A survey of information industry employers of LIS professionals
Survey 3. A survey of LIS professionals and other library personnel
Survey 4. Census survey of graduate and other schools offering library and information science education

Data Collection Activities: Year 2
Survey 5. A survey of organizations Survey 6. A survey of informatics programs in universities and colleges Survey 7. Interviews with library funders (informal
Survey 8. A survey of high school, college/university and career counselors

And if possible, given IRB/OMB requirements:

Survey 9. A survey of high school seniors
Survey 10. A survey of undergraduates -seniors and juniors

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